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Border Invasion Pics

This video represents an all time first for cowdog. In the dark of night he set up the camera, aimed it randomly out into the vast expanse of desert, let it warm up, and peered through the viewer. There they were. No scanning, no waiting, this group was what he immediately saw in the viewer.

They were a little farther out than where the video starts, but not far from a highway which was likely to be their pickup point.

The Border Patrol was quickly called, but you will see the group of illegal aliens reach the highway and start climbing the fence before the BP could respond. They approached the fence quite close to the camera position and, being concerned that they might get picked up and be gone before the BP arrived, cowdog decided to light 'em up with a handheld spotlight. You can tell when this happens as they all dive into the tall grass. All except one, who sneaks off to the left.

Cowdog was unable to keep the camera going while keeping the light on them, so we don't see that another individual also escapes. The BP arrived shortly and captured the rest of the group.

When the camera comes back on the two escapees are some distance away, headed back the way they came. The guy in front is not very happy as can be seen by his repeated gestures.

November 7, 2008 160 second thermal video of guides abandoning illegal aliens

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