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Border Invasion Pics

October 16, 2008:  This is a large group.  The cameras are designed to trigger when they detect the movement of the first person in a group; but for some reason this camera did not trigger until a lot of individuals had already passed by.  As it turns out, we are seeing much more of the group than we otherwise would have seen if the camera had functioned properly.

Replay the video a couple of times if necessary and, when it first starts, look at the very top center of the screen - just to right of the tree.  The trail turns to the right over 50 yards away and you will see that there are already bodies passing that point when the video starts. (We don't know how many have already passed.)

The bodies in front of the camera when the video starts will be about half way to that turn when the video ends.   Looks like a minimum of 30 here - maybe many more.

This video serves to validate the statement that most groups contain more individuals than are caught on camera - often times many more.

October 16, 2008 video of large group of illegal aliens entering US